What is the difference between mineral and purified water?
Purified water is water supplied from the municipality that goes through additional filtration, most commonly known as reverse osmosis, which removes any impurities, bacteria and viruses found in the water. Mineral water is a natural ground water , which is normally rich in mineral content, which it gains from the rock strata in which it is found.
Where does drinking water come from?
Drinking water is water fit for drinking purposes and is referred to as “potable water”. There 4 sources of drinking water in South Africa, namely purified water, tap water, spring water and mineral water.
How is drinking water purified?
There are four ways to purify water, namely reverse osmosis, UV Light treatment, ozonating treatment, and nano- filtration. In some cases, all four treatments are applied or a combination of these are applied, depending on the objective of the final product.
How is drinking water quality protected?
Certified drinking water falls into 3 main categories of quality, which is determined by the World Health Organization. Namely: class 0, class 1 and class 2 potable standards. Water can also carry an SABS certification standard. Different standards can apply to purified water and naturally sourced waters to essentially ensure that water is good for drinking purposes.
Is bottled water safer than tap water?
Yes it should certainly be a better quality than tap water, on the basis that chemicals and impurities have been removed and the water is free of any pathogens. This of course would depend on the processes used in filtration and the reputation of the supplier.
How to go about renting or purchasing a water dispenser?

For the rental of water dispensers, please complete the credit application in full and contact our offices for a Sales representative to assist you further.

For the purchase of a water dispenser, we would require your billing details so do drop us an enquiry and we will contact you.

How does the delivery of water work?

Once your contract has been processed, it is loaded by operations who allocate a specific day for delivery based on your area.  We deliver to each area in Johannesburg/Pretoria on a weekly basis dependant on the client’s requirement.

How do I place orders for water?

Orders can be emailed to abi@mineralwaterman.co.za or you can simply call the office and place your order with us.

What is sanitation and why is it important?

Sanitation is simply the cleaning of your water dispenser.  We would recommend sanitation be done every six months, in order to ensure optimal hygiene is maintained in your dispenser. Sanitation removes unwanted residues in the water reservoir, which if allowed to build-up, can harbor certain bacteria.

Branded water?

Yes, we can supply water with personalized branding.  Please note that we do have a minimum order quantity of 500 units.


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