Bottle Type Water Dispenser

(available on rental or purchase)

This water dispenser is simple and effective in its design. This hot & cold water dispenser requires 18.9lts purified or mineral bottled water which we deliver to site as required. Purified Water – The filtration method we use is a three way filtration system that is fully compliant with the SABS, namely

Reverse Osmosis (this process removes all bacteria , viruses and  mineral salts), Nano filtration (allowing certain minerals into the water, but no bacteria , viruses etc), UV Light filtration (bacteria control only)

Mineral water – It is one of the few Mineral waters that have been accredited with the SABS 1657, in recognition for its ideal mineral composition and for the procedure in which the water is bottled.

Deliveries and collection of empties done on a weekly basis

Inline Water Dispenser

(available on rental or purchase)

The most cost effective way to supply drinking water. This hot & cold water dispenser is connected directly to your main water supply and supplies purified water via a 10 inch carbon filter which removes chlorines and other impurities.

Plumbing Points
We would require half inch plumbing points, with stop cock valves in order to connect the units, but installation is done at no additional charge, if the plumbing points are provided.  The setup of the plumbing points will be for the account of the client done by any reputable plumber.

Mineral Pot Water Dispenser

(available on rental or purchase)

Place this water dispenser anywhere you like and simply fill it up with tap water and let the filters do their work.

This hot & cold water dispenser offers filtered tap water.  It does need to be topped up daily with tap water via the means of a jug.

Bottled Water

The Mineral Water Man is extremely fortunate to have a premium source of natural mineral water. This water is one of the few natural mineral waters to have been fully compliant with SABS 1657 standard. This premium drinking water in its natural state has been found to have an ideal mineral composition which means that no chemicals are added and nothing is taken out of the water as with a purification process. Our Mineral water is conveniently bottled in 330ml, 500ml, 1lts, 1.5lts and 5lts and are supplied by the case.



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